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“Collusion vs Empathy” – Vivian Harvey and Beverly Shellrude Thompson

The important distinction between collusion and empathy in relating to abuse.

“Interview with MK Parent” – Ann Beardslee

An important read from a parent of MKs who experienced abused at Mamou.

“An Open Letter to Missionary Parents” – Rachel Steffen

There is deep hurt when a missionary finds out his/her child has been abused, especially if the abuser is a trusted fellow missionary. This letter was written in 2013 by Rachel Steffen, who is both an adult MK and the mother of adult MKs.

“Systemic Abuse Within Mission Communities/Organizations” – Beverly Shellrude Thompson

How closed systems in families and mission organizations contribute to abuse.

“Trauma Informed Legal Practice with Clients” – Pete Singer (Executive Director of GRACE)