Help Me Understand

"Hosted by Judy Sandiford, the Help Me Understand Podcast provides a platform for people to share their stories. Each episode will highlight an unheard or misunderstood story."

Life Unwasted

Hosted by Caleb Adams and Kyumin Jang, this podcast is described as the "ramblings of two adult MKs interviewing other MKs on all topics related to living."

Where Do We Go From Here

Hosted by Devi Abraham and Jessica Van Der Wyngaard. "Do you wonder what comes after purity culture? Do conservatives think you're too progressive while progressives think you're too conservative? Are you frustrated by the simplistic way the church spoke about sexuality and humanity? We untangle sex, self, and community for a new generation of Christians…"

Exposing Religious Abuse

Hosted by Lindsay Rodriguez, "ExposingReligiousAbuse.com is a platform creating awareness of widespread abuses perpetrated by organized religious groups, particularly on women and children."

Martyr, She Wrote

"Martyr, She Wrote is a podcast about religious trauma. It's hosted by licensed therapist, Anna Clark-Miller, who specializes in religious trauma recovery. Each episode features an interview with a survivor or expert on the topic."
The resources we have listed are offered as suggestions for insights into the MK experience or for insights into abuse and its effects. Suggesting these links does not mean that MKSN endorses everything in them. This is an ever-evolving list and will be updated on a regular basis. If you have any resources you would like to suggest, please send those to us at mksafetynet@gmail.com.