Goals and What We Do

Goals and What We Do


To offer understanding and affirmation to MKs and TCKs who have been abused or who suffered trauma in mission settings.

What we do:

• Respond to MKs who contact us, assuring them that they are not alone and that their story is heard and believed.

• Encourage MKs to share their stories with others who have had similar experiences.



To provide a place where MKs can share their healing journeys through networking, through art, through writing and through conferences and retreats.

What we do:

• Provide a forum for MKs to share the art, poetry, writing, letters, etc. they have created on their healing journeys.

• Provide links to articles, organizations and other resources that can help MKs in their healing from abuse.

• Organize and facilitate conferences for former MKs, TCKs and their families with a view to provide encouragement, support, and suggested resources for healing.



To offer MKs, TCKs, their parents, families and friends a supportive environment to tell their stories and to encourage one another.

What we do:

• Connect MK abuse survivors to one another through social media.

• Encourage family members and friends of former MKs and TCKs who cope with the aftermath of their loved one's abuse.

• Provide networking opportunities for former MKs, TCKs and their families at MKSN conferences and retreats.



To encourage MKs as they report their abuse, to educate individuals, organizations and the public regarding MK abuse issues and to network with organizations who effectively work to prevent abuse or investigate it.

What we do:

• Suggest resources to former MKs, TCKs and their families about protocols for reporting abuse to their mission, church and/or appropriate officials. 

• Respond to the media when issues about MK abuse arise.

• Speak at seminaries and educational institutions, conference, etc. to raise awareness of child abuse within the missionary environment.

• Collaborate or connect with organizations that develop policies of child protection and abuse prevention and/or conduct truly independent third party investigations into abuse allegations.

• Promote showings and follow-up discussions of the documentary All God's Children.


Disclaimer: MK Safety Net offers encouragement to MKs who have suffered abuse. Communication from MK Safety Net does not constitute legal, professional  or counseling advice or financial or material support. MKs and TCKs who are dealing with abuse and trauma should seek out a mental health professional. (Under Healing on our website, there is a link to mental health professionals who are trained in counseling TCKs.)