Tears ~ Poem by Ruth Crilly McWeeney 

My tears are slow.
They are so deep they have a hard time finding their way out.
I have been taught not to show emotion; to hide it and not bring trouble or distraction to my mom. 
She is much too busy in the village for me. 
And so, I have learned not to cry. 
I hold it; I hide it. 

But then, one day, a tear came. 
It came so slowly down my sad face.
It dripped onto my lip. 
It was salty. 
It was delicious in its sadness. 
I was crying. 
I had been wanting to cry for so long. 
More tears followed, each creeping out carefully, cautiously.
Would they be welcome? 
Would they be permitted to show themselves? 

Yes, come tears, come out! 
Come out and tell your story of sadness and longing. 
Too many days you have waited. 
Come out, come out!

Come tears, come.
Tell your story of love found 
And healing.
Rescue and comfort in Jesus.

Ruth Crilly McWeeney
New Tribes Mission, the 70s
written November 2009