I am tired of trying when I just don't get life.

Even taxi'n seems too hard.

I like the idea of the bed in the hangar

Where I can lay myself down and forget about flying.


Not sure that will ever happen,

Where my wings will not be broken.

Or when I might believe

That for good my words were spoken.


I'm just tired, I don't get life.

My head is full of thoughts

I store inside the walls

I've built around myself.


It's like ping pong,

And this is what I'm saying.

I guess I wasn't invited,

To play the game the balls are playing.


I'm feeling all the ricochets

And the bouncing that goes on.

I wish that I could just catch one thought

And write a different song.


Written by Sheila June Denson        

Copyright May 20th, 2014

AKA Iwillflyagain! FE