Poems/Songs by MKs

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Poems written by MKs and their families on their healing journeys:

Humpty Dumpty                    Shades of Gray                    The Bell Tolls for Me                    Need to Know                    

The Pictures                          Old Eyes                               When Dorothy Visits                    I Planted a Garden                       

Dear New Tribes Mission       The Blackbird                       Don't Talk to Me                          The Laundry I and The Laundry

The MK Song                         My Shepherds                      Be Still and Know                           My Inner Child


Poems by Dale Dorrell, survivor of Rift Valley Academy, Kenya:

I Cannot Be Silent Anymore - MKSN 2013 Chicago Conference Theme Song

Journeying Together - MKSN 2015 Atlanta Conference Theme Song

Hipp Not-Icly Mine!              To My Child                        Bedtime Stories                    Lullably for My Inner Child

Silent Screams                      Conundrum                        Finding the Voice                 Can you Be Touched Again?

Poems by Mamou Alliance Academy Alumni, West Africa: 

One Day                                Snake in My Purse               Humpty Dumpty                  Dichotomies of a Ten Year Old                                 

The Secret to Getting By

Poems by Ruth Crilly McWeeney, New Tribes Mission, PNG - the 70s:

Need to Know                        Abandonment                     In My Head                         Sadness                   Tears

Poems by Susannah Anderson - Adult MK

Truth                                    Controlled Burn              Mother Goosebumps

Poems by an alumnus of Bingham Academy, Ethiopia

It Was Awful                         My Life/Her Life              Desperate to be Understood

Poems by Sheila June Denson

Just hangin' out                 God's Tears                  Broken Robot             This is Me                Scattered . . .

I Am Not Just a Child         Common Ground          My Reality                  Afraid                      The Jesus I Never Knew