My Reality



I can't write,

It's just not there.

It would help if I could,

Cause you all seem to care.


You're sending me hope,

And it all sounds good,

Right now I don't get it,

It's not understood.


Something has to give inside,

I don't think it should be this hard.

When the smoke is black and swirling within....

It's my head that hurts, and my heart won't mend.


I feel like I am unable

To grasp sometimes what's true.

Please stick close to me as a brother

So that someday, I will be knew.


I'll try to not take for granted

What the God that I can't always see,

Has shared with me so graciously,

.....You friends who are walking with me.


So thanks to you all for your kindness

And at the same time please forgive me

For any times that I may offend you

Or need you more than you need me.


Grace and mercy are awesome

Whether I get them or not.

Here, nor there, or anywhere,

My pain can't keep calling the shots.


Written by Sheila June Denson

Copyright May 29, 2013

AKA Iwillflyagain! FE