The MK Song

The MK Song ~ by a Baptist MK in Indonesia 

Words and Music by Brent Ellison, Baptist MK to Indonesia Written to my Mission family, 
trying to come to peace with our past, which included a long history of a missionary sexually abusing many of my fellow MKs.

I see you through such cloudy glasses,
I'm not sure I really know who you are;
I remember you with deep emotion,
So many memories and some scars.

Some still have me blind with rage,
Some still melt me to tears;
Thoughts of you can fill me with such faith,
Or tie me up in childhood fears.

But you're a part of my story
I can't divorce or deny,
And whether or not I let you in today,
You'll always be a part of my life.

And if I want the Lord's forgiveness,
Then I must forgive you too;
And if I want to live in Grace,
I must extend Grace to you.

I used to see you through a child's eyes,
Part of a world too big to understand;
What seemed like threats to my security, 
Were not always from your hands.

I'm so sorry that I blamed you,
For things beyond your control;
I want to see you clearly now, 
And be at peace within my soul.

For you're a part of my story,
I never want to deny;
I find I want to let you in today,
And enjoy you once again as part of my life.

So let's celebrate God's goodness,
Leave our failures at the cross;
Once again, let love believe all things,
Let God's Grace cover the loss.

For we were all in his hands,
We were all in his love;
God was always on the throne,
We were all under the blood.

It was all in his plan,
He worked it out for our good;
And he's brought us through,
Just as he promised he would.

And as I come to accept my life,
God's forgiveness and his Grace;
I find I'm at peace with you today,
And I'm so glad to see
Once again,
Your lovely face.

Brent Ellison currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a songwriter and is in the process of recording his first CD in Nashville. Brent's CD should be released in the Fall of 2002. His E-mail address is