The Jesus I Never Knew



This is the Jesus some of us never knew as we grew up.

We were lied to by those.....who we thought that we could trust.

It was implied that what was done to us was all under Jesus' name.

Well shoot; THAT was confusing, for it was all just a nasty game.


I'm now at the half-century mark and it's only starting to make sense

That the Jesus that I never knew was standing in my defense.

So many years behind my belt. So much pain along the way.

I'm now learning what he looks like and I like his face this way.


He's Never happy with my tears, or with those who make them run,

He's not the mean control freak that I've been running from.

He's not the one who touched me in the many ways that killed my soul

Or messed with me internally as they dug for me a hole.


He's not the one who buried me in hopes that I would die

Without the breath to speak the truth and expose each and every lie.

He's not the one who gave up on me, and turned and walked away.

And he's definitely not the one who lied to me each and every day.


I'm still slowly learning and patiently he waits,

This Jesus I am getting to know all over again today.

He hasn't knocked me down, not once. He's never touched me wrong.

It's true love that he is showing me as he sings me HIS love song.


Written by Sheila June Denson        

Copyright May 14,2014

AKA Iwillflyagain! FE