God's Tears



Since I've learned that GOD IS LOVE.

I now think he must be crying.

For all the liars that pushed and shoved…

I wish I knew that they’d been lying...

...With their words, their hands,

And all they could do...

To get their way.

Then from repent they flew.


Gods tears, they must be many,

...For they used his great name.

To save their face and then look good,

And at passers by they waved.


Liars; they wear such a mask,

In front of the little ones especially.

Their trusting hearts looking up,

Not knowing it's a culprit that they see.


I just pray that someone, one day,

Will define true love in JESUS' name...

...To all that have been lead astray...

May you know that TRUE LOVE is shown in a better way.


Written by Sheila June Denson

Copyright August 14, 2014

AKA Iwillflyagain! FE