Dear New Tribes Mission

Dear New Tribes Mission ~ A poem by Bemused

In this lifetime alas
For your sins you may not have to pay
And as for the next life, I'm not sure
For certainty in that, you took away

When I was a child
Things were black and white
But then came NTM
And wrong became right

My brain was like scrambled egg
And on bad days a little fried
For even as a teenager
It was obvious you had lied

Uncle became a dirty word
Auntie wasn't that flash
For the former let his hands wander
And the latter used the lash

And even when you found out
It was me who had the sin
And I was forced to confess it
From deep deep within

I cried the years you had me
And then for the years I lost
My innocence was not yours to take
But in losing it, I paid the cost

Now it has all come out
The media has joined the feast
You can hide all you like
But you cannot kill the beast

I won't give you the satisfaction
Of ruining what I have left of life
I've taken back control
And removed from my back your bloody knife

I'm past anger and depression
On that score you haven't won
Yes I learned without NTM
Life indeed can be a lot of fun

So when and if you get to your heaven
And you look your god in the face
Remember what you did to us
At that boarding school place

And if you don't make it to heaven
Ponder this as you sense a burning smell
I, for one won't be joining you
For you've made me serve my time in Hell