Controlled Burn

Controlled Burn

Poems by Susannah Anderson — Adult

I don't want to be tough, she said 
one corner of her lip downturning 
I want to break 
founder go under. I want to sink 
to crumple, weeping 
not caring who sees. 

I won't bear up. No more. 
I want to wail and shriek 
spit anger shout the f word. 
hurl your laundry from my upstairs window. 
into the street. 

I don't want to be strong. I need 
to be tempted to fall to spend 
to pile up debts max 
your cards blow it all 
and walk away. 

I want to sit down quietly with all your photos 
cut them square between the eyes 
and the smile

Written by Susannah Anderson, Adult MK