Broken Robot



I was thinking just the other day,

How my dancing does not fly

As when my body dances,

It's so sad, I want to cry.


I'm like a broken robot

With no manual to read.

And I have no tools to fix me,

So with that I will retreat.


Now my pen, that rests in my right hand

Is thankful it can move

In rhythm on this paper

With no need for dancing shoes.


So dance away my pen will say to my newly founded friends.

I may be happy, I may be sad, 'some days I won't dance at all,

But when I do, I will share with you

How I am learning how to crawl.


One day I may just change my name,

And proclaim something new,

Who knows, maybe it will be,



Written by Sheila June Denson

Copyright May 14th, 2013

AKA Iwillflyagain! FE