Abandonment ~ Poem by Ruth Crilly McWeeney

Look, listen. Do you hear my sad, deep pain? 
Days, weeks, months, these semesters are so long, 
Every day is endless tropical rain. 
I know that this lifestyle is very wrong,
Children should not be sent away to school.
Quiet, quiet, hush up now, go play, do not cry,
The message always says, "Obey the rule!"
Inside my heart would surely like to die.

Left here, I have a low sorrowful song. 
Do you hear my slow, weeping, dark, deep tone?
My heart is waiting, waiting oh so long,
I hate this, hate this being all alone.

Far from my mom, no, I should not be sent.
Please, please stop this horrid abandonment!

Ruth Crilly McWeeney
New Tribes Mission, the 70s
written November 2009