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MK Safety Net offers hope, healing, encouragement and advocacy to former MKs (Missionary Kids) and TCKs (Third Culture Kids). The difficult journey of recovering from abuse can be even more daunting for an MK or TCK due to factors related to growing up overseas. MK Safety Net understands the unique aspects of the MK experience and offers support for MKs on their healing journey.

MK Safety Net has no ties to any mission or religious organization. We respect the diversity of paths to wholeness that MK abuse survivors find helpful, including both secular and various religious modalities of healing.

Please note that communication from MK Safety Net does not constitute legal, professional or counseling advice or financial or material support. MKs and TCKs who are dealing with abuse and trauma should seek out a mental health professional. (Under Healing, there is a LINK to mental health professionals who are trained in counseling TCKS.)

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