Conference Reflections

• "What I experienced at the MK Safety Net Conference was extremely powerful. Remember the 80's advertisement of the young man sitting in front of his stereo speakers while his hair and necktie are being blown backward? That's how I felt.

• “At the MK Safety Net Conference . . . I felt like a tsunami of healing energy washed over me, churning out the debris and leaving me much more healed than when I arrived two days earlier. Absolutely a life-changing event.”

• “The conference was a place to be gut-wrenchingly real and still feel safe.”

• “I appreciated the welcome and acceptance; not needing deep explanations for understanding.”

• “MK survivors were able to make meaningful connections with those they felt could help them in their journey.”

• "You created the most loving and caring conference atmosphere I have ever experienced!  It was well planned, executed and the conference site was wonderful. Thank you so much for including me in your program...I learned so much from the members who attended and so appreciative of their willingness to share."