MKs' Creative Expressions


Many MKs have found encouragement and help through expressing their healing journey in art or in writing. Links to what some of these talented MKs have shared with us are below.  

To share your creative expressions with MKSN, contact us here.  Submitting something to MKSN allows us to publish it. However, the author/artist maintains all ownership. Please do not copy or share any of the artwork or writing linked here without the approval of the author/artist.

To meet creative MKs, check out the MKs, TCKs & Friends Creative Arts Group:

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Books Written by MKs

Essays by MKs

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Poems/Songs by MKs

Linking the writing and artwork in the list above is an affirmation of the creativity of these artists and writers, and is not necessarily an endorsement by MKSN of the thoughts and opinions expressed.