This is Me



The way I think,

The way that I survive,

Wishing to ask questions,

But instead I run and hide.


The way I dress,

The way I speak,

Only to protect myself

From feeling like a freak!


The random scattered bits and pieces,

Never making sense,

The me that's left inside myself,

Is highly in defense.


"Of what?" I ask this of myself.

"I'm not in the wrong."

"Or am I" says another part

Of me who sings this song.


It feels like I am more than one; one that's broken into three,

The one that's trying to get up,

The one that's never free,

And the one that's all confused inside, forgetting to believe.


Is there anyone that's out there,

Who will admit that they're like me,

Can we stumble here together,

In hopes we may be free?


I have so many questions,

I am afraid to show you me,

So I change my name and hide my face,

In case you laugh at me.


Written by Sheila June Denson

Copyright April 22, 2013

AKA Iwillflyagain! FE