The Launtry I and The Laundry II

The Laundry I and The Laundry II ~ — by survivors of Central School, Congo 

Two flights down
Brown outdoor carpeting
Musty, dank smell
Can't breathe
So dark in the light
So Little
So Alone
So Afraid
She remembers
Her tears mix with the suds
Her stomach churns with the washer
Her heart spins with the dryer
She climbs back up the stairs and says to the Spirit
Thank you for the memory
Thank you for the healing

Musty, dank smell
She remembers
Childhood summers in old mountain houses
Ice cold mountain springs
She breathes in ALL the memories
She climbs back up the stairs
Feels the cool summer breeze on her cheek
And once again speaks to the Spirit
Thank you, she says
For the tears,
For the fear,
For the anguish.
Thank you for the memories.
Thank you for the healing.
She smiles and is not alone.

Written by p3 survivor of Central School, Congo