Just hangin' out

Just hangin’ out...


I'm listening, keep talking. I'm on my journey still.

Learning bits and pieces a little at a time.

As I read your new-found title, and walk with you as you say,

The sun gets a little brighter and it's easier to stay.


To all you virtual friends I've made,

Realizing you're not fake,

And for all the hope you send my way

A virtual thank you card I make.


A bon-fire would be fun one night

With all of us gathered round.

Just think of all the light we'd make

Burning lies straight to the ground.


And then we could have an art fest.

Each one could make a sign

For ourselves and for each other;

Our new names will be just fine.


I can bring the paint

And you can bring the wood,

And we all can bring the matches

That will make us understood.


Our brushes will be our fingers,

As they have felt our pain.

Our new signs will be in fresh new paint,

And our colors won’t wash in rain.


Written by Sheila June Denson

Copyright May 22, 2013


AKA Iwillflyagain! FE