I Cannot Be Silent Anymore

I Cannot Be Silent Anymore ~ Poem by Dale Dorrell

Let justice roll down like waters
Righteousness like and ever rolling stream
Let my voice be heard, united
With others who'd reclaim
The dignity of life
The birthright of the soul
With justice and with hope 
for all.

I cannot be silent anymore.
I cannot be silent anymore.
There may be others
walking in the darkness
feeling all alone
where I have been before.
I cannot be silent anymore

I will not hide from truth
that's inconvenient
If knowing may bring healing
to a spirit, to a soul
If a word of hope, 
a touch of truth
Can help another 
through the darkness,
How can I be silent anymore? 
In all his years, but war
he's never known
Silently she wears the scars 
of violence in her home. 
And even in the sanctuary
safety is not found
from those who trust in our silence.
For those who prey on innocence
violate the vulnerable
trusting in our silence
must know they cannot hide.
Deeds done in the darkness 
Will be shouted far and wide.
We must not be silent anymore.
Let us bring to light the sufferings 
of victims in the streets;
Bring into the open - the terror
of children in their homes
Bring out of the shadows - our stories
of shame that's not our own.
Stand together against all violence
Wherever it is found.
And vow not to be silent anymore.

Dale Dorrell

(Theme song of the MKSN 2013 Chicago Conference)