Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty ~ Poems by Mamou Academy alumni, West Africa

— The true story, as told by a witness to the accident, crouching in the bushes off the right of the wall on which Humpty Dumpty sat.

"Humpty, or is it Mister Dumpty," said the reporter,
Staring up at what he took to be an egg.
"Why sit thee on that dangerous wall,
Where a stray air current could unbottom thee?"
Humpty made no reply at all, but fell.
The reporter dashed to save the egg, but arrived a fraction late.
The child in the bush saw the troll that had pushed the egg.
Saw the child that the reporter had called Mister Dumpty.
And saw the other children still on the wall.
The troll pushed child after child off the wall,
But the reporter saw only a single accident-prone Humpty-
Scattered pieces of an egg that used to be many wholes.
"Well," he shrugged, "he shouldn't have sat there."
The troll smiled wickedly from behind the wall.
He knew that:
When the celestial horses and their riders arrived,
They would be blind to trolls and children.
And the best they could do with the mess before them,
Was to plant fresh grass overtop of the eggshells.
Oh, and he knew that broken eggs can't tattle.
The evil troll looked for more walls,
With egg-shaped children perched,
Waiting for their trolls to arrive.
"Who keeps putting them there?" he wondered,
But decided not to ask aloud.
The kings' horses and men completed their work.
The troll slunk away from his crime.
The child in the bush remembered it all:
Remembered the troll,
Remembered the reporter,
Remembered the heavenly menders,
But mostly he remembered the wall.

Bob Neudorf,Jan 16, 2007, Mamou Alumnus
Copyright, Bob Neudorf. Not to be reproduced