Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories ~ A poem by Dale, a survivor of Rift Valley Academy, Kenya 

I remember bedtime stories:
Tales of God's protective hand.

Mau mau, gliding through the forest dark
Spear and bow and gun in hand
Intent on driving the white intruders
and their God from native land.
Stopped, abruptly in their tracks;
their bravery disappeared.
For glowing upon the pillars of the gate
Appeared the guardian angels of the Lord
Praise God! Miraculous protection for God's own!

But what of other tales firmly etched within my mind:
Stories from within the gates, memories of bedtime.
Of those who came in silence 
slipping down the darkened halls;
to stop my breath
kill my spirit,
use my body
steal my soul.
And all the while to remind me Silence!
Makes a man. No emotion to be shown:

Echoes in my mind, the message
of how God protects God's own.